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6 Day Men's Primitive Retreat in the Desert

September 5th - 10th, 2022
Near Big Bend National Park in Texas

Join us on this extended, destination version of our typical Divine Masculine Immersion where we'll experience even more adventure & depth!

With this much time together in nature, we'll be able to immerse deeply into Men's work, create transformative shifts in our consciousness, and experience profound connection to ourselves & to one another in Divine Brotherhood.

This is a Reunion for all the brothers who have attended the Divine Masculine Immersions before, as well as an open invitation extended to any man who feels called to further the Divine Masculine Energy.

Retreat Experiences Include:

Healthy Meals
Somatic and Embodiment Practices
Long Nature Adventures

Divine Masculine Activations

Initiations & Ceremonies
Men's Empowerment
Emotional Release

Vulnerability & Connection Practices
Tribal Practices

The making of your own Spirit Drum

Making your own Staff

Archetype Embodiment Workshops  
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Story Time
10.16.2021 Divine Masculinity-173.jpg
10.16.2021 Divine Masculinity-262.jpg
This retreat is for welcomed newcomers & returning past Divine Masculine Retreat attendees all the same!
Both those who are new to men's work and those who are already on the path, yet want to go deeper, will find this to be a transformative, worthwhile experience.
Heart Centered
This desert retreat is calling in all who want to...
  • go deeper with the Divine Masculine Energy

  • go deeper into mens work
  • connect deeper with other men in healthy ways
  • challenge themselves to be better men
  • access more of their power
  • embody more of the Divine Masculine and be in touch with Divine Feminine 
  • release things that no longer serve
  • improve their ability to feel, heal, express, communicate, and connect
  • further innitiate themselves into their next level of manhood
  • update what it means to be a man, and leave the earth better than they found it
  • embrace their primal and spiritual energy for the goodness of all
  • free themselves

Accommodations Include:

Camping on Desert Land

Healthy, Organic + Vegan food

Daily Brunch + Dinner

*Camping equipment not provided

Join us on this fun, transformative getaway & learn how to direct your masculine energy, activate your power, create harmony with the Feminine, Connect, Express, Feel, and Heal. 

Lead Facilitator: Scott Hilburn

Scott is very passionate about holding space for others to find their deep Spiritual and Divine Connection.

He has over a decade worth of training and experience in the ancient practices of Kundalini Yoga with Breathwork, Exercise & Meditation and Mind Mastery Applied Metaphysics.

To read more about his background & experience, click here.


Monday, September 5th:

Arrive at 2pm

Saturday, September 10th:

Weekend completes by 2pm


Sign Up

$1799 - Regular

            Sign up by August 5th, 2022

$1299 - Early bird

            Sign up by June 5th, 2022

Payment plans are available.

Limited Spaces Available. 

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