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1-1 Private Coaching Series

Online or In-Person

Something Inspirational Here describing the Benefits.

Why Coaching? ​

What you get?​

How it works

You Get a Reading, Transcription & Private Coaching with Scott

2 Weeks (2 Sessions)

1 Month (4 sessions)

3 Month (12 Sessions)

+Additional Reading

+Custom Tailored Kundalini Yoga Practice

6 Month (24 Sessions)

+Additional Reading

+Custom Tailored Kundalini Yoga Practice

When you work with me this is what you get:

  1. Akashic Readings, I help you with questions and am present with you when you get it I work with you on integrating them.

  2. Kundalini Yoga Daily Practices that are specifically tailored to you and your needs based off how you are desiring to grow and change and what comes through from your readings. Possibly 40 day exercises, or maybe a variety, depends!

  3. Coaching Calls:

  • Work with you to understand and hold you accountable to apply all of the suggestions in your readings - SUPER helpful because the readings are so dense and you get A LOT!

  •  Processing during our calls together and hold you accountable with homework/exercises/daily disciplines, bring insight and support to your growth consistently 

  • Hold space and presence for you to share authentically, safe space, vulnerably what comes up for you, what you are working through, etc.

  • Set goals and structure together

8.25.2020 Yoga retreat on the farm day 2
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