Discover Your Dharma

A 6-Day Akashic Wisdom Retreat on Private Oceanfront Property

December 7th-12th, 2022
Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

Join us on this beautiful retreat where we'll utilize akashic wisdom to reconnect, elevate & align.

Come experience the natural, healing powers of Costa Rica amongst Spiritual Creative Community on this transformative adventure!


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6 Days in Paradise to Harness Your Dharma:

Your Mission, Purpose, Greatest Understandings & Soul's Essence

This 6 Day Retreat is located on a Beautiful Oceanfront Property. As a participant of the retreat, you'll receive a transformational, personal, & Specialized Akashic Reading describing your Dharma, Your Soul's Wisdom, Understandings and Gifts. In your reading, you'll receive insight and practical suggestions to apply in order to understand and embody your Mission & Purpose for this Lifetime. 

The intention of this retreat is to aid you time and space to integrate, process, and apply your Akashic Record Reading while supported amongst others who are learning and growing with you in this Transformation. 


All Activities & Workshops during the weekend will be aiding you to understand the presence of Dharma, Your Unique Essence and how to Embody Your Dharma from a place of Divinity and Sacred Service. Lodging is in Ocean Front Villas with Nourishing Meals Provided.

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Retreat Experiences Include:

  • Personal ‘Dharma’ Akashic Reading

  • Oceanfront Property Accommodations 

  • Akashic Reading Integration Sessions + Q&A’s

  • Akashic Wisdom Workshops

  • Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

  • Cleansing Breathwork

  • Spiritual Activations ​​

  • Mind Arts & Mindset Practices

  • Dharma Talks

  • Costa Rica Nature Adventures

  • High Vibrational Food

  • Nightly Sound Baths

  • Ocean Time & More

Who is this for?

This retreat is calling in anyone who wants to...
  • activate more of their Dharma
  • to live by their Dharma 
  • have a greater sense of purpose in life
  • understand who they are on greater levels
  • experience a Supreme Akashic Reading
  • manifest more in their life
  • learn tools and techniques to consciously create the life they desire
  • be empowered, activated and inspired
  • move through blocks or limits that get in the way of their manifesting their full potential
  • connect deeper spiritually with themself and others
  • experience the incredible land and oceans of Costa Rica
  • travel and be accompanied by Spiritual Creative Community

Joe M.
Engineering Mangaer

Through this beautiful experience, you'll gain...

  • Greater Understanding of the mind

  • Receive an Akashic Reading - Power tool for Knowing the Self deeply

  • Understanding of Akashic Wisdom and its benefit in our lives

  • Develop a daily sadhana

  • Daily Meditation and Yoga

  • Understand Karma & Dharma 

  • Greater understanding of their Unique Value, and Soul’s Dharmic Essence

  • Greater Self Awareness
  • Greater Purpose with life

  • Greater Clarity on what to create in life

  • More of a connection to the Soul and inner guidance 

  • Release things in your way of living your life's purpose

  • Recognize and own your Souls gifts that are meant to give. 

Your Dharma is described as a culmination of the deep soul understandings that you have developed that is unique to you.

On this retreat you'll learn what your Dharma is, how it is described, how it impacts your life, others' lives and how to cultivate it to be a force for greater good.

You'll learn...

  • about Soul Understandings and how to utilize them
  • about past lives and how they are relevant to your present life
  • how to create next steps to release Karma
  • how to live your life more confidently
  • to create goals and receive creative inspiration for 2023
  • how to have a greater Relationship with your Soul
  • deeper clarity on your life's purpose
  • deeper understanding of your life
  • to release old stories and patterns that are no longer true
  • how to move through blocks that keep you from expressing your Souls Gifts
  • how to be more in alignment with the flow of the Universe

Accommodations Include:

Beautiful Lodging at Beach Front Property

Healthy, Nourishing Meals

Daily Brunch + Dinner


*Rooms are shared.

**Dietary restrictions will be accommodated.

Yummy Retreat Food

Your Hosts:

Scott & Sydney Hilburn

GypsyDoula-2-6 (1).JPG

Scott & Sydney, Your Akashic Mentors, have been working with the Akashic Records & Akashic Wisdom for over a decade. They offer deep understanding of these readings, how to understand and apply them and how to actualize the gifts & suggestions given in your reading. Bringing it into an Embodied Life Practice.


Scott and Sydney have been aiding others to integrate the profundity of their Reading, to apply it fully & actualize more of their Dharmic Potential. 


They feel it is their calling to guide and support others in the Understanding and Integration of these Akashic Readings, as well as holding space for others to more deeply understand their Soul's Wisdom, Higher Self and Actualizing Mission & Purpose.

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$2750 - Payment Plan


$2500 - Paid in Full


Payment plans are available.


This type of retreat experience is intentionally intimate and curated for you to immerse yourself in the exploration of your Creative Mind. We create the space for each participant to integrate, assimilate and access deeper layers of themselves through understanding their Creative Mind Akashic Record Readings.

There are 12 total spots available.