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Investing into your Romantic Relationship is one of the greatest Investments you can make. 


Lifetimes of Love is a 5 Week Course for Couples of all Ages, Backgrounds & Durations. This class is designed to Deepen your Divine Love, Strengthen Connection and Spirituality within your Relationship. Whether you are a new couple, newlyweds, or have been in a Relationship for many years this course will deepen your connection and give you tools and techniques to deepen your individual practice, as well as your spiritual practice together, so that you may both experience more Divine Love and Fulfillment within your Self and within your Relationship.


Scott & Sydney have been together for nearly a decade this Lifetime and have invested the past decade to learning and practicing deep and immersive studies with Spiritual Practices, Mindset Techniques, Yogic Philosophy and Self-Growth for a greater quality of life.


Lifetimes Of Love

A Relationship Course for Couples


  • Five 2 Hour Classes Live (Sundays) with Scott & Sydney and the other couples in the course 

  • 1 Hour Private 2-on-2 Coaching Call with Us

  • Live Akashic Relationship Reading: Along with audio recording & transcription

  • Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Practices for Couples 

  • Practical Techniques, Tools and Communication practices to apply during & after the course

  • Integration Tools to have after our 5 weeks together is complete

  • Community of other Couples to learn and grow with

  • Private Facebook Group for Lifetimes of Love Couples

  • A Stronger, Deeper, and more Loving Connection with your Beloved!

8.25.2020 Yoga retreat on the farm day 2

This Course Begins :


Class will meet once a week in the evening, same time frame for 5 weeks.

There is Limited Spots for this Class.

Please Message us for More information and to get Dates. 

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