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We are Creative Beings. The Creative Mind is the process in which our Conscious and Subconscious Minds are working together for Creation. This Cycle of Creation is always occurring. When we become more conscious of this process we start to consciously create more of the life that we desire. A more fulfilling, inspiring, and enjoyable life. 

For this special retreat, you will receive a Creative Mind - Akashic Reading. This reading relates how you are utilizing your Creative Mind in your life currently to create and manifest. This reading will describe what your Soul deeply Understands & what your strengths and gifts are in the Creation process. The reading will also give very specific suggestions for you to move through any blocks in Creation, aiding you to unlock your Power of the Creative Mind.

 This Retreat is for anyone ready to discover deeper layers of their consciousness and ready to embrace & embody their Creative Genius.

$650 Early Bird
Sign Up By September 24th

$750 Regular 
After September 24th

Only 12 Participant Spots Available
Sign Up to Reserve Your Space

This 3 Day Retreat is located 25 minutes from Austin, Texas.  Before you arrive to the retreat, you will receive your personal Akashic Reading on the Creative Mind.  The intention of the retreat is to aid you time and space to integrate, process, and apply your reading, supported amongst others who are learning and growing with you in this transformation.  All Activities & Workshops during the weekend will be aiding you to understand the Creative Mind deeper and to ultimately know your Creative Genuis.  Camping on Private Land surrounded by Beautiful Nature with Healthy Nourishing Meals Provided.

Included in Retreat:

Kundalini Yoga for Creativity

Meditation & Breathwork

Mindset Reprogramming  

Healthy Nourishing Vegan Meals

Akashic Reading Integration Breakout Sessions + Q&A

& More

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