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A Self-Mastery Mentorship Led by Scott & Sydney
May 2nd - December 12th, 2022
Go deep with your Self in this mentorship, as you transform and elevate your consciousness to be aligned & attuned with the Higher Self.

Come learn practical tools and concepts that build a rock-solid foundation to build on.

You'll deepen your understanding of how to consciously use your mind to be the creator of your life and  how to apply these tools & concepts to master the Self & Enlightenment. ​

Mentorship Includes:

  • Weekly Classes via Zoom (Every Monday 6:30-9:30pm CST

  • Personal Akashic Wisdom Reading

  • Past Life & Karmic Learning Reading

  • Practical Exercises for Accelerated Spiritual Growth

  • Course Content & Lessons to Study

  • Support & Guidance from Scott & Sydney

  • Group Connection

This mentorship focuses on the study of the mind arts and learning to be the

creator of your life. 


Join us and learn the ancient wisdom and practices to master your mind and Self.

We all have a mind. This program will bring you to a true understanding of how to use your mind consciously, in a way that serves your life and accelerates your soul growth & spiritual development.

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This mentorship is for anyone who wants to...

  • Become the spiritual & mental conscious creator of their life
  • Accelerate their Soul Growth & Spiritual Development
  • Learn the foundation of the mind & how to consciously use it 
  • Have a deeper connection with their Soul & inner self
  • Develop a daily practice, mental discipline
  • Learn Universal Laws and the steps to manifestation
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  • Build mental discipline & a strong spiritual foundation 
  • Sharpen your Mind Skills of Concentration, Memory, Visualization, Reasoning, Intuition, Self Awareness

  • Manifest your Desires

  • Become the Conscious Creator of your life

  • Understand and Wield the Universal Laws

  • Understand the workings of the Inner Mind

  • Harness the power of your Subconscious Mind

  • Harness the power of your attention & your mind

  • Understand your Self on the Deepest levels

  • Transform old patterns, and walk into your potential

You'll learn how to...

Benefits of Doing This Work:

  • Increased Focus and Concentration - leading to greater productivity & less mistakes
  • Strengthen the 10 essential life skills
  • Enhance intuition, memory & reasoning
  • Learn to Visualize in detail 
  • Accelerate your spiritual growth
  • Access the power of your Mind, Soul and Inner Self
  • Awaken more to the true nature of reality
  • Learn how to Learn from Life
  • Understand the messages from your nightly dreams
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A Course in Applied Metaphysics
Lesson Topics:

  • Crown Jewels - Concentration, Meditation & Visualization

  • Study in Akashic Wisdom - Receive an Akashic Reading & get support in integrating

  • The study & practice of the 10 essential Life skills

  • Mind Mastery & Metaphysics

  • Understanding of Conscious, Subconscious & Superconscious Mind

  • Study Creative Mind & Creative Genius

  • Explore the inner levels of consciousness through Meditation, Dream Interpretation, & intuitive development. 

  • Kundalini Yoga Meditation & Breathwork techniques

  • Develop a daily sadhana/spiritual practice

  • Weekly assignments & self study

In this course of Applied Metaphysics & Self Mastery, you'll learn Specific Practices, Spiritual Disciplines, Ancient Mystery School Techniques & Concepts to build a strong understanding and foundation. You'll be equipped with the tools and knowledge you need to pursue the mastery of consciousness and create a more fulfilling life.


Learning the Mind Arts is an incredibly fulfilling and exhilarating journey. Realizing and tapping into the magic within yourself is an experience we are all meant to have - it is our Birthright. Ancient Mystery Schools knew this and taught this to the ones who were ready, or who were initiated into this sacred wisdom.


This course will give you a strong foundation and ignite you into a place of personal power, allowing you to tap into your Creatrix abilities more than ever before. Watch your life be transformed through your thoughts, emotions, intentions, and energy.


Scott & Sydney have over a decade of study in these ancient teachings. They both have deeply studied applied Metaphysics and have utilized these exact techniques & tools to consciously create their extraordinary life. 


With great Joy, they are excited to share and pass on these teachings and uplift others into their own personal mastery & self realization. This mentorship will be an initiation into your greatness, your innate power, your birthright and your destiny!


Begins:  May 2nd, 2022

  • Every Monday 6:30-9:30pm CST - Weekly Classes on Zoom

  • Ongoing Private Group Chat

Ends:    December 12th, 2022

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$3000 - Regular

            Enroll by April 25th, 2022.

$2500 - Early bird

            Enroll by March 28th, 2022.



We keep this to a smaller group so we can all go deeper in this experience. 

There are 16 total spots available.

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