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Kathy Carpenter's Full Testimony of 9 Day Personal Retreat 

Nine months into my true self journey, I arrived in Austin Texas for a private spiritual retreat with Scott Hilburn, and Sydney Hilburn. The timing of this part of my journey in perfect alignment with the experience that lie ahead. 


A couple of weeks in advance of my arrival, we had a formal intake, and an Akashic Health Analysis was conducted. Together, with Scott’s and Sydney’s healing power, and intuition, the health analysis became the foundation of my retreats’ disciplines, lessons, meals all the while divine music surrounding our hearts in a sacred space prepared and given unto me. 

The purpose of my retreat centered on connecting with the Divine, my highest Self, knowing my true purpose and mission and embracing it with confidence and ease. 


Scott believed in me, he believed the divine would do his work, as I did my work. The understandings I gained, were beyond what I could have imagined. There was structure yet freedom and space allowed within this framework. As emotions, needs came up for me; emotional, physical and spiritual, Scott and Sydney held space, stopped, listened and responded asking questions that led me/us to uncovering buried emotions, love connections, and answers creating intentions. 

I came to discover self-Love and Divine love more deeply. And the way to full alignment of my Divine Path through the practice of daily kundalini yoga, meditation, sound baths, fire purification, journaling, art expression, dance, ice baths, mud bath, prayer, Sydney and Scott presence, healthful eating and communing with others in their budding conscious community. In group evening Yoga, and vegan put luck, and a spiritual sweat Lodge led by a shaman in the Lakota tradition. Many firsts for me. I surrendered to the Divine through all of it with Scott and Sydney’s Love and guide. 


Early on in the retreat we talked about Self-love, a concept I didn’t really grasp. As we moved through the week, one realization moment after another, all in perfect harmony with my Soul’s needs and desires, I realized Self-love. 

Surrendering my inhibitions, my doubt, I walked through the week open hearted, surrendering My Will to Thy Will. 


One day, Scott led me in a rebirthing Kundalini Yoga practice followed by deep relaxation and a sound bath. I was guided through my time of birth, a newborn baby, letting go of all the pain. Afterwards, as I gazed above at the sky, trees and clouds, Scott over me with rain stick, I truly felt like a baby…I knew nothing, I was open and curious and felt completely free and innocent. It was as if I opened my eyes for the first time and nature was my mobile. I wanted to reach up and touch its clear glistening shine.

That night, I had the most amazing sleep, I would wake having the feeling of a newborn over and over. I recalled my dream for the first time since May. It was an incredible innocent feeling. 

I learned to relax! Before this, I had not experienced true relaxation, nor did I truly understand its purpose. Deep relaxation every day. I fell asleep once in a while and Scott told me “that’s good, this is when the mind resets, you are creating new pathways.”

I did feel Self-love. 

He brought thankfulness and gratitude and affirmation to everything we did, a new level, a practice I have integrated “outside of the Cocoon.” This was taught through ice baths daily. The technique was to jump on the mini trampoline while shouting thankfulness and gratitude – I thanked God for everything, family by name,  friends by name, nature, workers, farmers, cars, technology and even the uncomfortable happenings in my life, knowing there’s a lesson and purpose in everything that occurs in our life. After jumping and reaching a peek state, for me it was a euphoric feeling of happiness, then step off the tramp and shout my intention as if it already is so. Then climb in and surrender Self. Scott stood by my side holding space, playing sacred music selected just for me. 

At first a little shock but as I surrendered into the waters and breathed in God’s love, my mind became still, I did not feel a thing, just Peace and Love Self-love. Sydney’s cooking was amazing fresh vegan and health analysis recommended dishes were prepared twice daily and we prayed giving gratitude for the food before us. 


Scott did a wonderful job of packaging up all of my experiences, electronically. Recorded my affirmations and ceremonies and put together a Spotify play list of all the music from our week. I continue participating in Kundalini Yoga daily with Scott via Zoom. Post retreat, Scott is keeping in contact with me…checking in, providing additional guidance and I can reach out as needed. This is not my last retreat. I will be planning a  women’s weekend retreat for the summer of 2021. 

Peace and Love. 


Sat Nam Thank you, Thank You, Thank you. Aho’ So be it!

Kathy Carpenter 

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