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Dive Deep into Kundalini Yoga & Develop the Consciousness of a Teacher

2023 Dates Coming Soon.
In Person in Austin, Texas
Immerse yourself in the rich practice of Kundalini Yoga - the Yoga of AWARENESS, the Mother of All Yogas, the Super Highway to the Real Self.

In this training, you'll go deep with your own personal practice and learn more of the depths of this Efficient & Effective practice called Kundalini Yoga.

You'll learn the fundamentals required to begin teaching.

This training will give you depths within your own practice, as well as space and time to cultivate yourself as a teacher. 

This Program Includes:

  • 200 Hour Teacher Training

  • Eight In-Person Weekends

  • Assignments, Practices, Practicums 

  • Assigned Books Included

  • Teacher Certificate Upon Completion 

These trainings are more than a training to be a teacher.


This is a spiritual initiation and an opportunity for accelerated growth & transformation. 

You'll learn...
  • The Foundational Elements of Kundalini

  • How to be a Spiritual Teacher

  • What it means to be a Teacher

  • Foundations: Postures, Bandhas, Pranayam

  • The basics of Business as a Yoga Teacher

  • To Deepen your Personal Practice/Sadhana

  • To deepen your Relationship with your Higher Self

  • Breath and its Healing Properties
  • The Science of Mantra & Mudras
  • Yogi Diet

  • Anatomy

  • Yogic Lifestyle

  • Deep Relaxation

  • Chakras

  • Meditation

  • How to play the Gong 

  • Practicums



WK1   Launch/Beginning

WK8   Graduation

More Than a Teacher Training:

Spiritual Initiation, Accelerated Growth & Transformation

Throughout this training you'll...

  • be guided to develop a strong spiritual foundation and relationship to your Higher Self and the Wisdom within you.

  • build mental and spiritual discipline to be able to live life with more grace and ease. 

  • learn practices to enhance health on all levels.

  • expand your spiritual awareness while grounding yourself more in your body.


"Kundalini Yoga teacher training for me was an activation that enhanced and uplifted the trajectory of my life, putting me more in alignment with my Dharma, Prosperity, Abundance in general.  It gave me a foundation to more deeply lean into my infinity to merge with my Higher Self in that very special Yogic Union. I didn’t intend to teach when I started teacher training, after training, I fully embraced myself as a teacher."   

- Scott Hilburn, Facilitator

Your Facilitators: Scott & Sydney Hilburn

Scott & Sydney are both very passionate about holding space for others to find their deep Spiritual and Divine Connection.

They have over a decade worth of training and experience in the ancient practices of Kundalini Yoga with Breathwork, Exercise & Meditation and Mind Mastery Applied Metaphysics.   

To read more about their background & experience, click here.

Reviews from Our Community...


"Sydney is one of the most genuine, nurturing & uplifting humans I've ever met. She truly lights up a room & has a gift for being so, so present with you. She has a unique combination of being very aware & high-vibrational and also extremely grounded & wise. Her presence is so comforting & calming. As a facilitator, she is very attentive & attuned to what the group is needing. Under Sydney's leadership, you'll feel heard, seen and cared for."

Indigo Marigold 
Visionary Artist + Writer


"Scott and Sydney create an atmosphere of peace and serenity in their studio. Scott has established a cohesive, intuitive, and challenging class that aligns with Kundalini's practice and adds a friendly and always fun drop of energy for everyone to work into their higher self and tap into their inner space. Sydney balances the point by providing a welcoming and warm energy into any room. As a talented kirtan singer and a great chef, Sydney brings a nourishing environment into their studio/home. 


Scott's practice is unique, energizing, and on point to bring awareness into your inner realm. He is very generous with the time, details, explanations of the meditation and breathing techniques, and, most importantly, very cohesive as a kundalini teacher and a great human being. 


If you are looking for a new generation of talented kundalini teachers, this couple creates a safe space and teaches you the tools of millenarian technologies for you to tap into the inner awareness of your own universe."

Carlos Duran
Traffic/ITS Lead Project Manager

"Scott is an incredible Kundalini yoga instructor and he's quite a joy to take classes from. Scott is passionate about his practice and skillfully guides students through novel and purposeful sequences which incorporate various modalities of healing and awakening. Each class is slightly different from the last, encouraging the mind and body to make new connections and learn to cope with the only constant of life: change.


His partner and wife, Sydney, is also a talented instructor and together they facilitate multiple kinds of workshops. She is attentive, nurturing, and very caring of her students. I'm so happy to have found them and highly recommend the work that they both do!"


Subina Garyet
Biomedical Engineer, Mother, and Dancer

"Attending Scott's Kundalini classes completely changed my life. Scott is extremely tapped in and has a gift for reading the room & channeling the information & exercises his students are needing. I leave every class feeling so much more grounded into my body & my energy, cleaned out emotionally, calmer and more connected to everyone around me...regardless of what state I was in when I entered class.

I first started attending his classes when I was going through a heavy break-up, and it was amazing to see how much these practices were able to help me move through in just 2 hours. Classes with Scott feel extradimensional & supercharged - I truly haven't experienced anything else like them!"


Indigo Marigold 
Visionary Artist + Writer


Regular / Payment Plan

Spots are limited to 20 students.

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