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Create the strong foundation necessary to Live your life in Purpose, Service and Passion.


The time is NOW to Rise into our Power & Purpose. 

Tune into Divine Masculine, lead from your Heart and Center.


The Divine Masculine Mentorship is a 4 month Spiritual Mentorship for Men. During our time together, our focus will be on developing Sovereignty, Accessing our Innate Power, & Understanding the Self on all Levels - Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally & Physically. We explore the Science of the Mind and learn how to direct our own mind for the goodness of all concerned. You will become connected and more clear of your Center and Soul's Mission & Purpose.


Connecting with the essence of Divine Masculine will align you with the Highest Self & the Divine. We deeply explore Masculine and Feminine dynamics and learn how to create more fulfilling relationships and how to express the Divine Masculine. Each man will gain greater clarity of themselves, shed old patterns, and start paving the way of their more aligned future. 

  • Weekly Meetings in a 4 month container

  • Small Group of 12 - 15 Men

  • Personal 'Divine Masculine' Akashic Record Reading 

  • Akashic Reading Integration Sessions

  • Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork

  • 16 Weeks of Course Work Material

  • Deep Understanding of Masculine & Feminine Dynamics

  • The study of "The Way of the Superior Man" by David Dieda 

  • The Mind Arts: Understand & Apply the Mechanics of the Mind, Magic & Mental Discipline to direct the thoughts to Produce

  • Connect Deep with Your Soul and Soul's Mission & Purpose

  • Group Accountability 

  • Daily Practices to Evolve and to Ground

  • Shadow Work Exercises 

  • Forgiveness Exercises

  • Ideal, Purpose, Activity: The Formula For Success

  • Communication & Vulnerability Exercises

  • Scott's Guidance, Wisdom, Intuition and Support. 


A deeper Spiritual Connection with the Divine.


A greater understanding of your Mission and Purpose.

Education and Preparation to create fulfilling and harmonious relationships.

Understanding and Forgiving your Past so it may serve you on all levels.

Foundational Understanding of Mind Arts and Applied Metaphysics

A cleaner, clearer, more directed mind 

Greater Alignment with the Real Self.

A Stronger Presence and Groundedness.


Any man desiring to make deeper shifts in consciousness and life to more fully understand themselves on all levels and to embody their Divine Masculine Energy, in a way that is serving to all.


Any man ready to create a a more fulfilling life and any man ready to be clear on their Mission and Purpose and to start moving in that direction. Any man who is ready to create more fulfilling relationships with the feminine.  


Any man that is ready to live with greater Purpose. Any man that is ready to embrace their full Potential. 

Regular Price: $3,000

Monthly Payment Plans Available 

$2,000 Early Bird

Sign Up by August 26th

$3,000 Regular 

Sign Up After August 26th

Starts Monday August 30th, 2021
Completes Monday December 13th, 2021

Our Group will meet ever Monday via Zoom
7:00pm -10:00pm CST 
4 Months // 16 Weeks 


This container asks you to be All In, fully committed and disciplined. This is how to receive the fullness of this experience. To fully receive the benefits of this mentorship course you will need to fully participate. 

1) Willingness to Participate Fully 

2) Come to All Classes Regularly

3) Do the Practices and Assignments Weekly

4) Willingness to be open, to learn, to grow, to explore the Self.

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