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8.25.2020 Yoga retreat on the farm day 2


A Morning Practice Group 

Join a Special Group of People for a Very Powerful Morning Practice.

We Practice To:

  • Respond rather than React

  • To Enhance Health, Energy & Vitality

  • To Build Strength, Will Power & Endurance

  • To Reduce Stress, Fear & Anxiety

  • To Be Secure Within Ourself

  • To Remain Open Rather than Close Off

  • To Stay Present rather than Escape

  • To Hold Space for Others

  • To Expand our Awareness

  • To Lead with Love

  • To Heal our Wounds

  • To Understand Who We Are

  • To Embody Love

  • To Be a Positive Influence to the World Around Us 

  • We Rise to THRIVE!

What's Included:

  • Monday - Thursday Live Stream 6am to 7am CST

  • Live Streams Recorded for Replay

  • Private FB Group Community

  • Large Variety of the 3000+ Kundalini Practices

  • Occasional 40 Day Meditations 

  • Occasional Short Talks for Daily Growth & Inspiration

  • Occasional Bonus Content

  • Occasional Guest Teachers

  • Optional Accountability Available if Requested

  • Encouragement to practice on your own or with videos for 3 day weekends.

What is Kundalini Yoga & Meditation?

It's a very Powerful Power Practice, a Meditation & Exercise All in One. Kundalini Yoga pushes us past our limits, Builds our Will Power,

connects us with our Inner Self, expands our Awareness, strengthens our nervous systems, improves our health, enhances our confidence,

moves old energy, helps us be more in tough with our feelings and can ground us more in our body. 


Each Day is a New Opportunity to Tap Into our Greatness! Rise Up Practice Group is a chance to Win the day, to be our greatest self and to positively impact the world around us. Our mind and energy must be focused daily towards something Greater. 

Facilitated by Scott Hilburn with occasional guest teachers. 

Practices in Rise Up:

  • Kundalini Yoga

  • Breath Work

  • Meditation 

  • Exercise

  • Deep Relaxation


If you have any injuries or any medical conditions, consult your doctor before practicing. 


To shed what no longer serves you, to enhance your health, to strengthen your mind and to tune into your true and authentic power and expression. Each day is a new opportunity to live the life you truly desire. Daily practice helps align us with our Truest Self rather than creating each day based on the past. Relieve stress, anxiety, fear, become more confident, with more energy and experince greater health,  freedom, and fulfillment. 

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