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Brothers Join us this July for a 1-Day Divine Masculine Immersion Men's Retreat - Tune Up.  


Together in nature, with Brotherhood doing experiential practices to tune up and in.  Centering More in your Center and Power, Enhancing Communication, and doing some deep Healing Work.

We will be in Nature, Practice Breath, Movement & Meditation in the Morning.  Midday will have Connection Practices, Emotional Healing Processes, and Embodiment Practices.

Evening time we will have a Temazcal Ceremony. 


This is a full and immersive day. Meals included. We will go from 7am to very late night when the temescal ceremony is complete. You are welcome to leave after temescal ceremony however you are welcome to camp on site and leave the following morning on Sunday by 10am.


This 1-Day men's event is put on by the same group who facilitates the 4 day Divine Masculine Immersion.



1-Day Divine Masculine Immersion Mens Retreat - TUNE UP - July 8th, 2023

Price Options
One-time purchase
2 Payments
24 Hour Mens Retreat
$97.00every month for 2 months
3 Payments
24 Hour Mens Retreat
$65.00every month for 3 months
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