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Scott is a passionate & dedicated person with a expansive vision and wealth of knowledge and practical experience. He has over a decade of experience of deep immersion into Mindset, Personal Growth, Metaphysical  Spiritual, Yogic Practices, & Holistic Lifestyle. A Texas boy who traveled the world in pursuit of immersive studies and applications of higher knowledge and powerful practices. Forever a Student of Life & Consciousness and Now a Heart Centered Teacher & Leader. 

Teacher of Mindset & Holistic Lifestyle.  Scott brings together ancient practices of Kundalini Yoga which include Exercise, Breath-work, Meditation, Deep Relaxation, Sound-healing all in one practice with his knowlged from being a student of consciousness and mindset mastery.

The intention in all his offerings is to connect you with who you truly are, your greatest potential, your greatest purpose, and to create a space and stimulate for you to elevate, shift, and embrace who you truly are so you can show up to life more fully. So you can be free'd up to truly live and express who you are and experience the most fulfillment in life. Not only for yourself however for the world around you. As we rise up into our power, we automatically influence others and stimulate others to do the same. By you embracing you, you uplift others. 

It is time to Rise! It is time to not only Survive, it is time to Thrive!

-Scott Hilburn 

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