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Spiritual Teacher 

an akashic reading retreat

A Weekend of Elevation, Integration & Embracing the inner gifts you have to offer others & the World.

Teal Gold Dove Illustration Prayer Journ

We can no longer play it small. It is the time to embrace who we are, what we have to offer the world and embrace and actualize our souls missions. The world is ready for your gifts. The world needs each and everyone of us to be who we truly are and to share the gifts and the inner resources we have. 

You, your Soul, is a beautiful storehouse of Wisdom! You have unique Gifts and your Mission this lifetime is for you to know. This weekend retreat is to gain greater insight into what your unique gifts are as a Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Server, Coach or Influencer, etc. Spiritual Teacher doesn't mean the Guru on a Stage anymore. It is who you are, through your presence, your creations and actions. More than ever humanity is in need and is ready for Spiritual Teachers to be active in the World in all Professions.

You will receive a special Akashic Reading that will give you in-depth insight to what You have to offer this lifetime, even if you are already aware of what that it is, it will help you go much deeper with understanding it's power and potential. The reading offers practical suggestions and praises for actualizing your Mission and Offerings. You'll also have the opportunity to ask your Reading specific questions. There will be daily workshops to help you integrate your Spiritual Teacher Reading to get the very most out of this gift. The weekend retreat is designed to give you and immersive experience to understand, integrate, and make a shift in consciousness to embrace what you have to offer. The weekend is full of Workshops, Connection, Sacred Space & Healthy Meals. 

Only 12 Particpant Spots Available, Sign Up Now to Reserve Your Space,
and to Receive your Akashic Reading Sooner so you have more time to process it before the retreat. 
What's Included:
  • Your own Personal 'Spiritual Teacher' Akashic Reading
  • A Full Weekend Retreat 
  • Daily Workshops & Activities for Integration
  • Morning Yoga & Meditation Practices
  • Structured Weekend for Growth
  • Connection and Nature Time
  • Healthy Nourishing Meals
  • Semi-Primitive Camping on our Nature Property
  •  Hotel or Glamping Options Available for additional cost, please contact us via email.

Recommended to Bring:

  • Rain Proof Tent

  • Sleeping Gear/Bedding

  • Bio Degradable Cosmetics (You will have access to showers)

  • Natural Bug Sprays (We will provide some)

  • Meditation Cushion

  • Blanket or Yoga Mat to Sit/Lay on

  • Journal & Pen

  • Reusable Water Bottle

  • Sandles or Easy On/Off Shoes

  • Hiking or Tennis Shoes

  • Flash Lights

  • Bathing Suit

  • Pocket Hand Sanitizer

  • Jackets, Warm Clothes for Evening & Morning

  • Any Items you need for health or comfort


  • Anyone with a desire to be/have a Positive Influence on the World or in Others

  • Spiritual Teachers 

  • Healers

  • Coaches

  • Leaders

  • Influencers

  • Parents

  • Mentors

  • Guides

  • Mystics

  • ..Everyone!

What NOT to Bring:



Technology (such as computers, etc)



OPTIONAL: Contact for more info

  •  On-Site Glamping Options (Tent and Camping Gear Provided & Already Set-Up for your Arrival) Additional Cost

  • Local Hotel Recommendations (Approx 15 minute drive)


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