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What is Kundalini? & What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini is an energy that all humans have coiled at the base of their spine. It is a creative energy. It is considered to be the most powerful energy know to man. This energy is beyond powerful, and destined to raise and become active at some point in our existence. There is no need to force this energy to rise. However we can prepare for it.

In Kundalini Yoga, we are not forcing the Kundalini energy to rise, that is not the goal. We are simply preparing the mind, body, and energetic system  to handle this energy when it does rise. With this form of yoga we strengthen our nervous system so we can stay calmer and handle more in life, and we can handle more energy. We are strenghthening our mind and will power so we can direct our mind and energy productively. We are enhancing the whole body health so we can be grounded in, and enjoy our body. We tune in to more of who we truly are, and shed anything in our way so we can make space for our truest self to come forth. 

Kundalini yoga makes you brighter, stronger, happier, healthier and more of the real you.  It brings confidence, clarity, inner peace & inner security.  

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