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The Souls Behind
Amrit Yoga Collective:

Scott & Sydney Hilburn

“Amrit” means “the nectar of the Divine’s grace”; the sweetness of the Divine touching and

About Scott & Sydney


Scott & Sydney Hilburn are both very passionate about holding space for others to find their deep Spiritual and Divine Connection so that they access that sweet nectar that already resides within themselves. Through finding that light, Divine Wisdom and True Self within, we can reach deeper fulfillment and become secure and whole mentally, emotionally, and physically. This is the greatest gift in the world that we can give to ourselves.


Scott & Sydney each studied in a Mind Mastery Spiritual School for 6 years practicing, applying and teaching how the mind works and how to utilize the mind for Accelerated Soul Growth and Spiritual Development. They learned Esoteric Concepts through experience. 

In addition to the mind, Scott & Sydney understand the power of the body, breath and movement. They both are trained and experienced in the ancient practices of Kundalini Yoga with Breathwork, Exercise and Meditation. These practices are powerful because they ground you more into your body, where the True Self resides. You get to have these mind experiences while your nervous system becomes stronger & you become more connected to your body in the process.


Scott & Sydney also bring into their offerings anything that they understand that works to serve the needs of the group, such as: Conscious Dance Practices, Authentic Relating, Masculine & Feminine Work, Sweat Lodge, Elemental Purification, and Holistic Lifestyle Techniques.

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The Core of Their Teachings:

The mind is not something we can escape. We have a mind while we are in a body. So, the key is to learn how to direct and utilize the mind so it is serving us, others, and the Divine, rather than keeping us separated and disconnected.


We cannot always control the world around us. However, the one and only thing that we can always control is our Mind. 


With our Free Will, we can learn to Direct our mind and learn to consciously Respond to Life rather than being in an infinite cycle of reaction.  We can free ourselves from the old patterns, so that we can truly be ourselves.


We all have greatness within us, because we are greatness. It is up to us to shed the patterns and what no longer serves us in our outer identity, and to discover the True Self within. 

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