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Expand the Box // November 2nd - 6th, 2023

Possibility Lab // November 9th- 13th, 2023 

in Austin, Texas 


Expand the Box is the core training.

A safe and astonishing 5 day journey for upgrading traditional thinking and behaviors. This Training provides you with skills in the area of listening, speaking, feeling, experiencing and connecting, which will make your life richer, more vivid and more conscious. Without your knowing how, the standard thinking and behavior patterns you adopted from your parents, your culture, and your education system could severely limit both the quality of your relationships and your ability to respond creatively to the opportunities and challenges of life.

In Expand the Box you will explore new thought­maps and practice new forms of experiencing. You will train individually, in pairs, in small groups and as a whole group to enter new territory and discover hidden fields of human possibility. We will create the safest of conditions, where you can make maximum mistakes with only positive consequences. 

Completing Expand The Box qualifies you to attend a Possibility Lab
a 5 day training to be fully empowered as a skilled change-agent, less in theory and more in practice.
In Possibility Labs your personality Box expands with adulthood initiatory processes, novel soft skills, radical responsibility and stellated archetypes, connecting you to the inner resources that launch you into a meaningful and adult life.

will give you possibilities to:

Consciously apply the energy of anger, sadness, fear and joy for reaching your goals

• Ignite your vision with unquenchable inspiration and take your next steps with courage

• Be centered, present and effective even in rapidly changing or chaotic environments

• Shift what is happening right now into a learning journey for yourself and the people in your environment

• Establish authentic contact with fellow human beings, communicating with clarity and passion

• To stay in the present, dismantle the buttons that can be pushed in you

you will learn to:

• Use your feelings to handle things and your emotions to heal things

• Realize that the situation is not the problem itself, but its interpretation

• Communicate fully by using your words and body language

• Create clarity and make boundaries

• Live authentic and deep relationships

• Heal emotional and energetic wounds and re-arrange relational agreements

• Create opportunities rather than waiting for them


Hello, I'm Vera!

I take a stand for empowering the initiators, healers, edgeworkers, and revolutionaries to deliver their authentic non-material value in the world, take the stand that their hearts are longing for, so that we can co-inhabit a new culture where Gaia and humans thrive.


Hello, I'm Patricio!

As a professional musician, teacher, living in an international community for 30 years, a father, and traveling around the world exploring and experimenting with friends, teachers, gurus and communities have been my personal laboratories for experimenting and taking part in the magic that is building bridges to next cultures

Hello, I’m Devin!


For the last 7 years, I’ve been on a journey of discovering and co-navigating with other wild souls what it means to transform, what it means to empower and be empowered, what it means to encounter one another in deep, authentic intimacy. I am interested in human potential and collaboratively building spaces where this potential can be unlocked and nurtured.

2023-07-10 11.39.59.jpg


7:00 – 8:00am – Silent Sitting

8:00 – 8:45am – Breakfast
9:00 - 12:30 am – Training
12:30 pm – Lunch
1:30 - 5.00pm – Training
5:30pm – Dinner

8:00pm onwards – Training Space



Expand The Box

November 2nd-6th, 2023

Sliding Scale $700-950 USD

**Participants Arrive on November 1st after 3pm


Possibility Lab

November 9th-13th, 2023

Sliding Scale 

$700-950 USD

**Participants Arrive on November 8th after 3pm

Camping + Daily Meals

$250 USD/per training week 

Spaces are Limited for this Training
Email to Register


Participants will be Camping on Beautiful, Private Land


Healthy Meals Provided 3 Times Daily

*Camping equipment not provided.

We can support you if requested.

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