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Private & Personal Retreat

Wanting to go really deep in your Spiritual and Personal Growth? This is the retreat for you. This retreat can be just for you, you and your partner, family or small group.  This is great for those who do not want to be in large groups and still want a retreat experince and really great for those who want to go super deep with their Spiritual Evolution and Personal Growth and Healing. 


This retreat is custom tailored to serve you the most Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally & Physically that will give you a Consciousness Shift that is Permanent and Lasting. Recommended is 7 to 11 days, with 1 to 7 day Private Retreats available as well based on your needs.

You will get an Akashic Reading to give you deep Spiritual insight into the Self with practical suggestions to integrate.  You will then have space and time to understand your reading, process and apply with with the support of Scott & Sydney.

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Suggested Themes for Retreats:

Living your Mission & Passion

Healthy Lifestyle

Rebirthing Retreat

Prosperity & Abundance

Attracting a Spiritual Partner (Singles)

Deepen your Spiritual Relationship (Couples)

Embracing yourself as a Teacher or Healer

Elevated Masculine

Elevated Feminine

Yoga/Meditation/Breath work Immersion

Silent & Tech Free Retreat

Peak State Mindset - Reconditioning for Success

You get a Entire Spiritual & Personal Growth Retreat Immersion just for you to dive deep into your growth.


-An Entire Immersion Retreat Tailored to your needs and desires

-A Intake Meeting to Determine your Needs, Desires & Intentions for the Retreat

-1 Akashic Reading to give deep insight with suggestions for the greatest growth

-Transcription and Audio File of your Reading

-Lodging in our Rustic Cozy Guest Cabin

on 7 acres in the woods.

-Private Sessions with Scott & Sydney to process your reading, to dive deep into understanding the reading.

-Our Undivided Love & Attention

-Various Activities & Practices Based on your reading.

-Workshops and Guidance from Scott & Sydney

- Daily Healthy Mostly Organic Meals 

-Fire Purification, Hot Tub, Nature Trail

-Ice Bath & Breath Work

-Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

-Recordings of some of the sessions

-A Follow Up Recap of What you learned & How to apply?

-Follow Up Call for Integration Process & Support


9 Day Private Retreat December2020 

“Wisdom Healers, Scott and Sydney, gave me all their attention in LOVE. 

They held space for me to be received, assimilate past experiences, and release what was within me to give me the transformation I needed. “Scott took me the rest of the way across the river”. Words can’t express how meaningful and thankful I am for this experience. The learnings are all a part of who I AM now. Within, and without. I go forth to serve my purpose. 

Kathy Carpenter, Entreprenuar




Scott Hilburn

Scott Hilburn has over 10 years of deep immersion into the study, practice and application of Spiritual & Personal Growth Practices to elevate, heal and evolve consciousness to make a life enhancing permanent shifts. Scott is Passionate, Heart Centered, Loving, Listening Teacher of Mind & Consciousness. With a strong background in Metaphysics, Mind Mastery, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Breath work, Akashic Reading Coaching,  Reconditoning, Healing, Shadow Work & More. 


Sydney Hilburn

Sydney is a Loving and Healing Presence. With over a decade of investment into Metaphsyical and Spiritual practices, Sydney brings a special attention that is nurturing, drawing out and supportive.   

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